For more than two decades, Century Yuasa has been the industry leader in manufacture and supply of solar storage batteries. The world class Enersun range of flooded lead acid and gel batteries brings together this experience and knowledge to produce products that meet and exceed the expectations of today’s solar market.
Century Yuasa partners with the best in the business. Our customers are the who’s who in complete solar system design and installation. Throughout Australia, Enersun is recognised by solar industry professionals as the go to brand no matter the application. Century Yuasa’s nationwide network of battery specialists ensure our customers enjoy complete confidence in the Enersun range.
Our dedication to providing the very best in solar storage batteries means our solar installation partners can be assured of quality, reliability and ongoing support throughout the very long service life of every one of our Enersun solar products. From solar backup for telecoms to a complete remote area power system, Enersun from Century Yuasa will deliver year after year.

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