We understand that for our business to remain sustainable, we must ensure our impact on resources and the environment is limited. With this in mind, Century Yuasa launched a nationwide recycling program in 2008 and since has recycled over 15,000 tonnes of used lead acid batteries.
The Century Yuasa recycling program now boasts over 1,000 registered Battery Recycling Centres across Australia. Battery Recycling Centres are Century Yuasa resellers and organisations who share our vision for sustainable Australian manufacturing. They provide a place where commercial entities and individuals can take their used lead acid batteries and know that it will be recycled wholly and responsibly. 
98% of a lead acid battery can be reclaimed through recycling. The lead, plastic and acid components are re-processed and manufactured into new batteries and an array of other products. Century Yuasa supports the recycling program with regular community based battery collection days. We are very proud to partner with community groups and charities to give something back to the very communities that have supported our business for the last 85 years.
We have one planet with one integrated life support system. It is the responsibility of every corporate citizen to ensure our planet’s fragile systems are protected and our manufacturing is conducted in a sustainable manner.