At Century Yuasa, we have developed a range of lead acid batteries that aid in the reduction of fuel consumption for the latest generation of motor vehicles.

Incorporating revolutionary  SmartDrive™ technology, these environmentally friendly batteries work in conjunction with a vehicle's Regulated Charge Control (RCC) system to help reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions by up to 2%.^
Suitable for use in all petrol, diesel & gas powered vehicles;  SmartDrive™ batteries can be used in all vehicles including those with standard charging systems, as they deliver superior starting benefits and complement a vehicles overall performance.


How do  SmartDrive™ batteries work?

SmartDrive™ batteries are designed for the latest generation of motor vehicles, working in conjunction with the vehicles Regulated Charging Control system.

Conventional Charging Systems

In vehicles fitted with conventional charging systems, when the engine is running the battery is in a constant state of charge. This places load on both the alternator and engine and thus uses more fuel.  When the engine revs are low, such as when stuck in a traffic jam or during deceleration, there is insufficient power supplied by the alternator to run the vehicles electrical system and accessories.  In this situation, additional power is supplied by the battery, which is then recharged by the alternator during normal running conditions.   

Regulated Charge Control Systems

In vehicles fitted with Regulated Charge Control (RCC) systems, power from the alternator is controlled according to the running conditions and the battery’s state of charge.  In normal driving conditions, the RCC system will supply energy from the battery to minimise load on the engine, in turn reducing fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

The RCC system will select the most efficient charging method for the battery by analysing the engine load and  the battery’s state-of-charge.  When there is less load on the engine, such as during deceleration, the RCC system recognises this as an optimum opportunity to recharge the battery.  It  uses the alternator to quickly recharge the battery using a high current flow over a short period of time.

In RCC systems the battery must be able to recharge as fast as possible to minimise the alternator load on the engine and reduce fuel consumption. It is the fast recharge and higher charge acceptance abilities of the new range of SmartDrive™ batteries that can help reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions.

^In vehciles fitted with Regulated Charge Control systems.