Cyclic Batteries

For more than two decades, Century Yuasa has been the industry leader in the manufacture and supply of cyclic batteries.  Our customers are the experts in the design and installation of solar and energy storage systems and they recognise Century Yuasa as the go to brand, no matter the application.

Our dedication to providing the very best in cyclic batteries means our solar installation partners can be assured of quality, reliability and ongoing support throughout the very long service life of every one of our cyclic products.  From solar backup for telecoms to a complete remote area power system,  Century Yuasa cyclic products will deliver year after year.

Enersun SSR batteries are designed to provide a long and reliable service life as a component of a complete off-grid or grid-connect solar power system.  The world class Enersun range of flooded lead acid batteries are quality products that meet and exceed the expectations of today’s solar market.

The Enersun SSR range of products can be viewed HERE!

The Yuasa SLR series are classified as advanced VRLA batteries due to the deployment of nano-carbon technology, special plate designs and unique electrolyte formulation. Suitable for high energy applications, the SLR Series offer very high cycle life and excellent reliability. The modular unit design provides reduced foot-print and is easy to install and maintain (e.g. easy access to the terminals). 

The Yuasa SLR range of products can be viewed HERE!

The GS Yuasa range of Lithium-ion products are suitable for high-power applications where the reliability in the technical capability of the battery is critical to operational success. 

The Yuasa SLR range of products can be viewed HERE!