The GS Yuasa LIM series of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries have been successfully used across many countries in the latest cutting edge technologies such as satellites, trains, submarines, heavy industrial lifters and energy storage systems. The LIM batteries have earned an excellent reputaion based on their performance, technology and reliability with both international and domestic users.

GS Yuasa LIM products utilise leading-edge battery technology and know-how accumulated through decades of experience and achievement in battery and system design.

GS Yuasa  LIM Configerations

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High Reliability

As a pioneer of the industrial lithium-ion battery, we have a high-reliability system design based on our extensive experience..

Outstanding Cycle Life

The expected design life is 3,000 cycles in cyclic applications at 25°C (100% DOD).

High Safety

We use safe materials in the design and production of the batteries.  A battery monitoring unit (ACS) constantly monitors the condition of the batteries.

High Charge-Discharge Density

Our high power cell is capable of charge and discharge currents and can be rechargd quickly  


All GS Yuasa LIM batteries have the potential to be recycled.  For further information on Century Yuasa’s recycling program, please visit the Recycling section.


The LIM Lithium-ion series has excellent deep discharge characteristics coupled with high cyclic functionality making the battery suitable for the following applications;

  • heavy vehicle use

  • Grid connect energy storage

  • Load shifting

  • Fuel saving

  • Power quality

  • Energy management