Off-Grid Systems

Off-Grid power and energy storage systems allow you to generate energy for localized use and to store your renewable energy in batteries for use when the sun goes down.  Off-grid solar-electric systems operate independently from a local utility grid to provide electricity to homes and buildings, commercial and industrial applications or for simple applications such as  lighting, traffic or train signaling, pumps, remote telecommunications and cathodic protection.
Intelepower is an expert in standalone off-grid power systems. The Intelepower Off-Grid power systems incorporate all the major components such as the array structure, batteries, photovoltaic modules, power isolation and distribution, regulator (power electronics) and system cabling and can be assembled to your site specific requirements.   
The benefits of using an Intelepower  off-grid power system include:
  • Low Maintenance & Upgrade Costs
  • Easy to Purchase and Integrate
  • No Power Down Time
  • Power you can rely on
  • Can be used in virtually any location
  • True energy independence
Intelepower is your only choice when it comes to reliable, sustainable power 'off the grid'.