Preventative Maintenance

The failure of your mission critical power and energy storage systems during a power outage can lead to potential financial loss, health & safety issues, environmental incidents, or loss of warranty on your assets. Century Yuasa offers several “Intelepower Services” maintenance packages to deliver peace of mind that your power system will not become an expensive problem.
All of our “Intelepower Service” visits are performed in accordance with Australian Standards, Environmental Regulations, Health and Safety Regulations and Manufacturers Recommendations and is normally carried out by our skilled technicians “live” without any loss of power to your load.
The first stage of reducing your risk is to book a one-off “Intelepower Site Audit” to Australian Standards, of all your power systems. You will receive an “Intelepower Site Audit Report” on the health of your power system plus associated risks, and our recommendations for any remedial work.

Or you can choose up front to take advantage of our scheduled visits by taking our “Intelepower Failure Modeling” package from which you would get updated reports including our recommendations for reducing and predicting the ongoing costs associated with the continued wellbeing of your power systems.
All of our “Intelepower Service” packages are supported by our in-house network of project managers and engineers who understand that  providing the highest service quality ensures you, our partner, can maximise the service life of your assets while significantly reducing hazardous faults and costs, making your life easier.