The purpose of Century Yuasa’s service offerings is to aid organisations that have mission critical back-up power supplies. The programs have been developed to reduce risk by having specialised and trained technicians to install, commission and repair these systems.

Employing Century Yuasa's specialised knowledge, skills and experience associated with these power systems ensures clients can maximise the service life of the system and significantly reducing hazardous faults and costs.

Century Yuasa offers a range of specialised service packages associated with rectifiers, inverters, and industrial-grade batteries.  These services include installation, commissioning, preventative maintenance, remedial maintenance, testing and repairing.

All work is carried out by in-house Century Yuasa electricians and technicians, and dedicated Century Accredited Service Providers (CASP).

CASP technicians are fully approved by Century Yuasa after being reviewed to comply with all relevant Australian prerequisites such as current licences and documentation. They are also evaluated against Century Yuasa’s in-house criteria to ensure consistency of service quality.

This dedicated team of field service technicians located throughout Australia is backed by an in-house network of project managers and engineers.  This additional source of knowledge and expertise ensure our customers are provided with the highest service quality possible.

Preventative Maintenance

Fundamental to Century Yuasa's maintenance programs is our practical experience of interpreting collected data, and providing a qualified prediction of the system’s service life.

There are four (4) structured maintenance programs offered to provide greater depths of accuracy to predict a system’s expected life:

Level 1 – Inspection and Report Only (Site Audit)
Level 2 – Comprehensive Maintenance Program (for DC Power Systems)
Level 3 – Discharge Testing
Level 4 – Comprehensive and Customised Maintenance Program

Maintenance of DC Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

When requested by a customer, Century Yuasa will arrange for a suitably qualified & certified technician to perform routine maintenance in accordance with:
  1. Century Yuasa's Stationary Power operating procedures
  2. Relevant safety schedules and statutory requirements; and
  3. Analysis referencing all relevant Australian Standards.
In the event of failure of the system or components, Century Yuasa can provide recommendations to support critical systems while further analysis or remedial repairs are carried out.

When performing maintenance of a DC UPS, Century Yuasa ensures that our technicians have the necessary job sheets, work instructions and equipment to perform the agreed scope of works both effectively and efficiently.

Prior to carrying out any service, the technician will discuss with the owner or operator to gain an overall appreciation of the relevant equipment’s history and to understand any known problems or potential hazards associated with the site.  Given Century Yuasa’s experience and knowledge, we are able to quickly identify those risks which may require added precautions to minimise risk to both property and people.

Project Management

Project management is important for ensuring that the equipment is specified, installed and commissioned correctly from day one.

Century Yuasa has a proven capability of designing complete DC UPSs, and supplying an appropriately engineered solution to match the customer’s environment and specifications.  Factors such as risk reduction, access requirements and safe work methods are just some of the factors which are considered when reviewing the project implementation.

Enabling Century Yuasa to provide an accurate evaluation of specific site issues is our network of in-house and certified service technicians and project managers.  Century Yuasa can manage the installation, commissioning and decommissioning DC UPS equipment.

For existing systems, Century Yuasa has the knowledge and experience to verify the conformity of the design to meet the requirements of all relevant Australian Standards, as well as the relevant statutory and regulatory Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental acts.

Subcontractor Accreditation Program

To supplement Century Yuasa’s in-house resources, the company has accredited sub-contractors. These contractors are familiar with Century Yuasa's products, systems and procedures and are audited annually to maintain an expected level of knowledge and performance. All subcontractors are fully insured and are required to provide all necessary accreditation for their applied scope of works.

The Project Manager

When engaging Century Yuasa to project manage specific aspects of the auxiliary power system, a Project Manager will be assigned as the single point of contact regarding all aspects of the work being undertaken. On single or multi-site projects, Century Yuasa’s National Project Manager will liaise with you to ensure the completion and budgetary targets are met.

Regular updates and status reports will be provided, with full commissioning documentation presented on handover. Finally, a post-implementation review is offered 3 months after completion of the project to confirm there are no outstanding requirements.

Remedial Maintenance

Century Yuasa has the capability to provide 24/7 remedial service to customers on a national basis. For those seeking this level of coverage, an individualised program will be developed specifying the contact name and details of qualified and certified personnel to attend to faults, as well as an action plan to provide the level of response required.

As faults can occur without notice and outside of normal business hours, Century Yuasa’s experience and knowledge of uninterruptible power systems and applications can reduce the service costs associated with these works.

Century Yuasa’s capability facilitates the development of plans that can anticipate likely failures and response procedures to identify and rectify them.

Through our national network, CenturyYuasa can offer a two (2) hour service response for remedial works within metropolitan areas (30kms from the respective CBD).

Additionally the business can propose commercially appropriate responses for regional and rural locations.

The contact listing which outlines the response team is provided to the 24/7 call centre by Century Yuasa’s National Service Manager. This list is updated as needed to take into account issues such as:
  1. Accessibility to appropriately experienced and qualified personnel to ensure agreed response times are met; and
  2. Guarantee faults are correctly and efficiently remedied.
Once the response plan is developed, it will remain in place until advised otherwise by the National Service Manager, who regularly reviews the planning and resourcing for customers on a state-by-state basis.