Health and Safety Policy

Century Yuasa has an obligation and commitment to provide a safe workplace for all of our employees. The Century Yuasa Health and Safety policy specifies the measures we have in place to ensure the continued wellbeing of the people who make our company great.

Health and Safety Management and Certification

Century Yuasa's focus on health and safety management is demonstrated through the implementation of our health and safety management system and certification by an independent body – SAI Global.

Select the following link to download certificate:

SAI Global - Safety Certification

Environmental Management and Certification

Century Yuasa's focus on environmental management is demonstrated by the implementation of our environmental management systems and certification by an independent certification body – British Standards Institute (BSI).

SAI Global - Environmental Certification


Safety Data Sheets

Please select from the list below to download our latest Safety Data Sheets:

Dangerous Goods

Century Yuasa is involved in the transportation and storage of dangerous goods. We have specific policies in place to mitigate the risks involved. For more information on our dangerous goods policies, please select from the links below: