Century Yuasa offers many additional products that compliment your battery and charger systems. We can help you complete your package, all of our products are of high quality, tried and tested and covered by individual product warranties.

Electrolyte Level Sensor

The electrolyte level sensor measures electrolyte levels on a battery/cell and provides a visual display of whether the electrolyte is at, above or below the minimum level. This will provide you with the peace of mind your batteries are healthy.

Single Point Watering System

The single point watering system has many features including

• Fills batteries ten time faster than manual filling, which significantly cuts man hour costs
• Hydrogen block ensures water and hydrogen are kept separate for superior safety
• The visual eye allows electrolyte levels to be checked at a glance
• Possibility of overfilling/overwatering is eliminated
• Various floats are available to suit different battery types
• You have the luxury to choose between gravity feed/electronically controlled filling

Acid Spill Kit

The acid spill kit is used to contain, neutralise and dispose of hazardous sulphuric acid waste caused by spills from lead acid batteries. The acid spill kit is compliant with Australian standards and workplace health and safety regulations.