Automotive Division

Quality Policy

Century Yuasa Pty Ltd – Automotive Division designs, manufactures and supplies lead acid batteries for automotive markets and industries. We strive to achieve and maintain our vision to be the "first choice for stored energy solutions".

The Quality Management System is designed and maintained to comply with AS/NSZ ISO9001:2015.

We aim to achieve our vision by:
  • Providing innovative premium value products and services
  • Generating growth and prosperity for our customers, people and stakeholders
  • Ensuring that all our products are manufactured to a high standard of performance and reliability and provide services that meet our customers' expectations
  • Empowering all staff to take responsibility for quality
  • Working to defined policies, procedures and processes
  • Identifying and implementing corrective and preventative actions in order to eliminate the causes of actual or potential non-conformities
  • Striving to continuously improve our products and processes through the involvement of our people, customers and suppliers.
  • Utilising and working with approved suppliers and subcontractors to ensure that their products and services achieve the same high standards that we set for ourselves
  • Providing a commitment to encourage and develop our people with high standards of training and motivation
  • Our processes will be subject to continual review and improvements to increase the effectiveness of the management system defined in the quality manual
  • Providing a responsible and equitable service to environmental management and product recycling
  • This policy will be continually reviewed with respect to the changes in standards to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate

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